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The David Foster Wallace Reader —Wallace, David Foster, author.

"Where do you begin with a writer as original and brilliant as David Foster Wallace? Here--with a carefully considered selection of his extraordinary body of work, chosen by a range of great writers, critics, and those ...

The pale king —Wallace, David Foster.
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Partially written before his death, author David Foster Wallace presents a fictitious version of himself as the protagonist in his final novel. When Wallace arrives for training at the IRS Regional Examination Center in ...

Infinite jest : a novel —Wallace, David Foster, author.

A spoof on our culture featuring a drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation house near Boston. The center becomes a hotbed of revolutionary activity by Quebec separatists in revolt against the Organization of North American Natio...

David Foster Wallace : the last interview and other conversations. —Wallace, David Foster.

In intimate and eloquent interviews, including the last he gave before his suicide, the writer hailed by A.O. Scott of The New York Times as "the best mind of his generation" considers the state of modern America, entert...

The broom of the system —Wallace, David Foster, author.

The year is 1990 and the place is a slightly altered Cleveland, Ohio. Lenore's great-grandmother has disappeared with twenty-five other inmates of the Shaker Heights Nursing Home. Her beau, and boss, Rick Vigorous, is in...

String theory : David Foster Wallace on tennis —Wallace, David Foster, author.

Collects essays about tennis in which the author challenges the sports memoir genre, profiles two of the world's greatest players, and shares his own experiences in his youth as a regionally ranked tennis player.

Brief interviews with hideous men —Wallace, David Foster.
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David Foster Wallace delivers a collection of twenty-two hilarious and unique stories.

Both flesh and not : essays —Wallace, David Foster.
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Spanning twenty years of David Wallace's writings, this book is a collection of fifteen essays of Wallace's most emotionally immediate work.

Oblivion Stories. —Wallace, David Foster.

In the stories that make up Oblivion , David Foster Wallace joins the rawest, most naked humanity with the infinite involutions of self-consciousness-a combination that is dazzlingly, uniquely his. These are worlds undr...

The Pale King —Wallace, David Foster.

The agents at the IRS Regional Examination Center in Peoria, Illinois, appear ordinary enough to newly arrived trainee David Foster Wallace. But as he immerses himself in a routine so tedious and repetitive that new empl...

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