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The yellow house mystery —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, author.

"Years ago, a man disappeared from the yellow house on Surprise Island. Why? The Aldens have found a clue to the mystery! Adapted from Gertrude Chandler Warner's story of the same name, this new version introduces young ...

Mike's mystery —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.

The Alden children are spending the summer out west on Mystery Ranch. The excitement begins when they meet their old friend, Mike. When Mike is blamed for starting a fire, the Boxcar Children know he's innocent. But can ...

Blue Bay mystery —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.

The Boxcar Children are taking a vacation with their grandfather in the South Seas on an uninhabited island. But is the island really uninhabited? The Boxcar Children soon suspect someone else is there too -- someone who...

The skeleton key mystery —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, creator.

When eerie events at a Halloween escape room start scaring people away, the Alden siblings investigate.

Surprise Island —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.

A summertime stay at their grandfather's island home is filled with adventure and new delights for a family of youngsters.

Schoolhouse mystery —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, creator.

People say nothing interesting happens in the village of Port Elizabeth but, on a visit there, the Boxcar Children find a big mystery at the schoolhouse.

The mystery on the ice —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.

The Alden children investigate when Mrs. Murray's jewels are stolen during a party for the Starlight Skating Troupe.

Boxcar children

Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are orphans looking for a place to live together as a family. Could a boxcar in the woods by their new home?

The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels —Denton, Shannon Eric.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 13 of 22

Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny Alden are brothers and sisters -- and they're orphans. The only way they can stay together is to make it on their own. One night, during a storm, the children find an old red boxcar that k...

The boxcar children —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.

Four orphans take shelter in an old boxcar during a storm, and, determined to make it their own, they turn it into a safe, cozy home.

The Great Greenfield Bake Off —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, creator.

"Jessie and Benny are participating in the Great Greenfield Bake-Off, a local baking competition for kids. But ingredients get mixed up during the competition and then the power goes out. Is someone trying to put an end ...

The pizza mystery —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, creator.

The Boxcar Children are helping at a pizzeria, but it seems that someone is trying to shut it down. Can they find out who is causing trouble?

The clue in the papyrus scroll —Garretson, Dee, author.

"In this all-new very special mini-series, the Aldens have been recruited by a secret society to return lost artifacts and treasures to their rightful locations--all around the world! The Aldens arrive in Egypt but the a...

Race through White-Water Canyon —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, creator.

On a rafting trip in the Pacific Northwest, the Aldens come across the story of a mysterious man who disappeared into the wilderness many years ago. Can you help the Aldens find out where the man went--and what happened ...

The Boxcar Children. Surprise Island —Worley, Rob M.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 19 of 24

Summer vacation on an almost private island gives the Aldens a challenge. Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny used to live alone in a boxcar. Now they have a home with their grandfather and are spending the summer on their o...

The boxcar children. Mike's mystery —Long, Christopher E.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 9 of 13

The Aldens set out to prove the innocence of their old friend Mike, who has been accused of starting a fire.

The secret of Bigfoot Valley —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, creator.

The Aldens are spending their first week of summer at Camp Quest in Colorado. The children are excited to learn about fossil hunting and paleontology from renowned scientist Dr. Iris Perez. But strange events at the camp...

Mermaids of the deep blue sea —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, creator.

The Aldens have joined Dr. Iris Perez as she investigates legendary creatures around the world. In this adventure, the children investigate what might be living in the deep trench off the coast of Puerto Rico. From manat...

The beekeeper mystery —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, creator.

The Aldens are excited to learn about beekeeping. But when equipment goes missing, they have more than honey to harvest--they have a mystery to solve!

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