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Free Willy

An orphan boy, struggling to adjust to his new foster home, befriends a killer whale and helps to release him out of captivity.

Jingle all the way

Comedy film of a father desperate to buy that must-have toy during a frantic last-minute shopping spree on Christmas eve.

Ella enchanted

Ella lives in a fanciful and magical world where all children are given a "gift" from their fairy Godmother at birth. Ella's gift - and curse - was that of obedience. As a result, Ella cannot refuse any command, and as a...


Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, the Big Bad Wolf, and the Woodsman all face Detective Flippers as he attempts to determine the real events of the Little Red Riding Hood story.


Matilda applies her untapped mental powers to rid the school of the evil, child-hating headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, and restore her nice teacher, Miss Honey, to financial security.

The borrowers

They're charming and small and live behind the wall. They're the Borrowers, tiny people whose big family adventure is filled with some of the most eye-popping effects ever seen on film!

Little house on the prairie. The premiere movie

Premiere episode of the pioneer family drama, based on the book by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The Ingalls family moves from Wisconsin to Kansas, and then are forced to Minnesota.

The 12 dogs of Christmas

Upon being sent to live with her aunt in the small town of Doverville, 12-year-old Emma O'Conner finds herself in the middle of a 'dog-fight' with the Mayor and town dogcatcher. In order to strike down their "no-dogs" la...


Flubber slips, slides, giggles, flips and flies - an invention of the befuddled Professor Phillip Brainard.

Pooh's Heffalump Halloween movie

"It's a hilariously haunting Halloween in the 100 Acre Wood. Roo's best new pal, Lumpy, is excited to trick-or-treat for the first time ... until Tigger warns them about the dreaded Gobloon, who'll turn you into a Jagged...


Based on a true story. Balto, part husky/part wolf, rescues a team of sled dogs lost in the frozen wilderness, which were racing to bring back antitoxin to the sick children of Nome, Alaska.

The shaggy dog

Deputy District Attorney Dave Douglas takes his job very seriously -- so seriously, that his wife and family hardly ever see him. A case involving an animal laboratory finds Dave once again taking an extended leave of ab...

Clifford's really big movie

Clifford the Big Red Dog is a lovable canine who joins a traveling carnival when he mistakenly believes that he has become a burden to his human family. As he seeks his fortune in food, Clifford helps his new animal budd...

Mickey's twice upon a Christmas

This Christmas, find out who's been naughty and who's been nice. Mickey, Donald, Goofy and their pals are about to find out the importance of opening your heart to the true spirit of Christmas. Watch the hilarious antics...

The Wiggles. Rock & roll preschool

What's the school where you sing and dance all day? The Wiggles' Rock and Roll Preschool! Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon have created over 20 songs that will top the charts of every home! You'll shake to 'That's the Soun...

The trumpet of the swan

"When triplets are born to proud trumpeter swan parents, everyone is bursting with joy. All seems perfect until they discover that their only son, Louie, can't speak. And without a voice, Louie can't compete against his ...

Grumpy cat's worst Christmas ever

Lonely Grumpy Cat lives in a mall pet shop where she never gets chosen by customers. One day during the holidays, a very special twelve-year-old girl named Chrystal enters the pet store and falls in love with Grumpy. The...

The little drummer boy --and 4 more holiday stories

[The little drummer boy] Joyful drumming and glowing illustrations combine to celebrate the nativity, with music and vocals by John Jennings.

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