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The magical silkworm a story about a birthday gift told in English and Chinese —Li, Jian (Art teacher), author.
Read-along Book
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Little Mo's friends came to celebrate her birthday. Little Mo was waiting anxiously for a beautiful gift from her mom and dad, but she was very disappointed when she got a box of ugly caterpillars. Although her parents t...

A nest in springtime : a bilingual book of numbers = Chun tian de niao chao —Yang, Belle, author, illustrator.

With the arrival of spring, wild geese nest and hatch eggs for the reader to count in this bilingual story that introduces Chinese numbers and other common words.

Black bear, red fox : colours in Cree —Flett, Julie, author, illustrator.

Provides the English and Cree words for colors, along with the pronunciation.

A day = Yi tian : English-Chinese

Text and illustrations introduce young children to Chinese and English phrases for activities they do every day, starting with waking up and ending with bedtime.

My heart fills with happiness = Sâkaskinêw nitêh miywêyihtamowin ohci —Gray Smith, Monique, 1968- author.

"This is dual-language book that celebrates happiness and invites children to reflect on the little things in life that bring them joy. In English and Plains Cree."-- Provided by publisher.

The bear's medicine = Sus yoo —Gauthier, Clayton, author, illustrator.

A mother bear shares with her cubs how to be grateful for all they have in the natural world. The Bear's Medicine shows the interconnectedness of all things in the world they live in and how each season brings changes an...

Piqsirjuaqtuq —Ogina, Julia, author.

"Niaqualuk and Haugaaq live in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. There is a big blizzard coming! Haugaaq wishes she could play outside more, but Niaqualuk is excited about playing inside! See what fun things the sisters do all day...

Mâci-nêhiyawêwin = Beginning Cree —Ratt, Solomon, author.

"Tânisi! With the help of this book, you can learn to speak Cree! Designed as an introduction for Cree language learners, mâci-nêhiyawêwin: Beginning Cree acts as a self-study aid--a much-needed resource in today's w...

Hurry home, hedgehog! : a bilingual book of sounds = Ci wei wei kuai hui jia! —Yang, Belle, author, illustrator.

Wet weather is coming - whoosh! Hedgehog hurries along - pitter patter. What other sounds does he hear along the way? A bilingual board book in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Ilaijjaup Haaluviirnirjuangga = Elijah's super Halloween —Main, Heather, 1984- author.

"Halloween is almost here! Elijah is excited to go trick-or-treating in his community of Arviat, Nunavut. His anaana even made him a special superhero costume."

The magical rooster Hua gong ji —Li, Jian (Art teacher), author, illustrator.
Read-along Book
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Long long ago, there lived a boy named Tang Yun. He studied very hard and was ready to take the imperial exam in the Capital City thousands of miles away. Yun's mother was worried about him traveling alone. After working...

Summertime rainbow : a bilingual book of colors = Xia tian de cai hong —Yang, Belle, author, illustrator.

In this story presented in both English and Chinese, bunnies hop through the meadow on a beautiful summer day, spotting blue sky, white clouds, yummy green grass, and other colorful sights.

Uliipika aqiggiriuqtuq —Ryan, Elizabeth, 1988- author.

"Oleepeeka is from Panniqtuuq, Nunavut. It's time for her first hunting trip! Oleepeeka is excited to spend the day with Ataata and learn about catching ptarmigans. Join Oleepeeka and Ataata as they set off on the land a...

Goodnight moon 123 : a counting book = Buenas noches, luna 123 : un libro para contar —Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952.

A little bunny bids goodnight to all the objects in his room before falling asleep.

A journey in our family's Chinese garden : a story told in English and Chinese —Li, Jian (Art teacher), author, illustrator.

Papa seems to have a grand plan for the backyard. Day by day, he transforms the little space-building walls, a pond, and a gazebo with his own two hands. Everyone's favorite addition to the new garden is the colorful car...

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