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Three little engines —McKinnon, Bob (Robert Paul), 1968- author.

Little Blue Engine tries hard and passes her final test for Engine School, but learns that everyone's journey is different and that, sometimes, success requires a little help.

Little Turtle tries —Dahl, Michael, author.

It is time to get dressed, which is no easy task for Little Turtle, but he is determined not to give up.

Hugo and the Impossible Thing —Smith, Renée Felice, 1985- author.

All the forest animals know it is impossible to make it through the Impossible Thing, but a small dog named Hugo is determined to try, inspiring hope in his friends.

Three little Vikings —Woollvin, Bethan, author, illustrator.

Once upon a time in a Viking village, everything seems to be going wrong. Chickens are disappearing, trees are falling down, and there's lots and lots of crashing and bashing. The silly Chieftain won't listen to the thre...

The perfect plan —Gilbert, Leah (Leah Rose), author, illustrator.

Maya plans to build the perfect treehouse, but after doing research and selecting the perfect spot, she finds she must recruit helpers to get the job done.

The complete tales & poems of Winnie-the-Pooh —Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956, author.

This special volume brings together all of the Pooh stories and all of the poems in one full-color, large-format book with complete and unabridged text and illustrations.

Snail crossing —Tabor, Corey R., author, illustrator.

"In a book as cheerful and charming as Snail himself, Corey Tabor tells a winning tale of a slow but steady snail whose determination and kindness bring him the best reward of all: friendship."--Jacket flap.

Peg and the yeti —Oppel, Kenneth, 1967-

Peg, a girl who has spent her entire life at sea, has decided she wants to climb Mount Everest and gets some help from a Yeti.

Trying —Yamada, Kobi, author.
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"How will you know what's possible if you don't try? This is a story for anyone who has ever felt like a beginner, or had doubts, or worried they weren't good enough. It's a story for those who have experienced the pain ...

Jeremiah learns to read —Bogart, Jo Ellen, 1945-

"An elderly farmer fulfills his dream of learning how to read. Features vibrant painted illustrations" Cf. Our choice, 1998-1999.

You will be my friend! —Brown, Peter, 1979-

Lucy, a young bear, starts her day determined to make a new friend but her enthusiasm leads to all sorts of problems until, just as she is about to give up, an unexpected friend finds her.

Page —Pierce, Tamora.

Keladry of Mindelan continues her training to become a squire with the aid of a new maid, the support of her friends, interference from some other pages, and some serious, even dangerous opposition.

You can do it, Noisy Nora! —Wells, Rosemary, author, illustrator.

Noisy Nora is learning to play the violin. Her family begs her to stop but Nora is determined. She won't give up until she can play a special song.

Little red sleigh —Guendelsberger, Erin.

As Little Red travels from the Christmas shop to the North Pole, seeking Santa in hopes she can be his sleigh one day, good advice helps her discover her true purpose.

When pigs fly —Coulman, Valerie, 1969-

"Can cows ride bicycles? Can pigs fly? In this story, anything can happen! Readers will delight in the adventures of a young cow who will try just about anything for a new bike" Cf. Our choice, 2003.

Judy Moody gets famous! —McDonald, Megan, author.

When a third grade classmate gets her picture in the paper for winning a spelling bee, Judy is determined to find a way to become famous herself.

A very quacky Christmas —Watts, Frances, author.

"Samantha Duck convinces her friend Sebastian, a tortoise, to help her bring Christmas to the animals on their farm and around the world."--Provided by publisher.

A long road on a short day —Schmidt, Gary D., author.

On a short winter day, Samuel and his father enter into a series of trades with neighbors and strangers until they come home with a brown-eyed milk cow for Mama.

The little engine that could —Piper, Watty, author.

"The kindness and determination of the Little Blue Engine have inspired millions of children around the world since the story was first published in 1930. Cherished by readers for ninety years, The Little Engine That Cou...

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