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349 Results
Island of the Blue Dolphins —O'Dell, Scott, 1898-1989.
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Left alone on a beautiful but isolated island off the coast of California, a young Indian girl spends eighteen years, not only merely surviving through her enormous courage and self-reliance, but also finding a measure o...

Indian no more —McManis, Charlene Willing, 1953-2018, author.
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Regina Petit's family has always been Umpqua, and living on the Grand Ronde reservation is all ten-year-old Regina has ever known. Her biggest worry is that Sasquatch may actually exist out in the forest. But when the fe...

Red parka Mary —Eyvindson, Peter.
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The seven year old First Nations boy who was once afraid of his elderly neighbor learns that she is really very friendly and has much to teach him. After he gives her the gift of a red parka, she promises to give him a f...

The bead pot —Poirier, Thelma.
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Toniya Wakanwin is a young girl growing up on the Great Plains many years ago. Every day she sits beside her great-grandmother on the buffalo robe and watches as the old woman takes beads from a bead pot and stitches the...

The sign of the beaver —Speare, Elizabeth George.
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Left alone to guard the family's wilderness home in eighteenth-century Maine, a boy is hard-pressed to survive until local Indians teach him their skills.

My feelings —Solomon, Chad, 1976-
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This story is about honoring our feelings.

Found —Bruchac, Joseph, 1942- author.
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A teenage survival expert finds all his skills tested as he's pursued through the Canadian wilderness by men determined to silence him. On his way to teach at Camp Seven Generations, a Native outdoor school, Nick witness...

Good hunting, Blue Sky —Parish, Peggy.
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Blue Sky goes out to hunt for meat for his family and comes home with something quite unexpected.

The Indian in the cupboard —Banks, Lynne Reid, 1929-
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A nine-year-old boy receives a plastic warrior , a cupboard, and a little key for his birthday and finds himself involved in adventure when the toy comes to life in the cupboard and befriends him.

Turtle Island ABC : a gathering of Native American symbols —Hausman, Gerald.
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An alphabet book of traditional Native American symbols.

The black stallion legend —Farley, Walter, 1915-1989.
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The black stallion helps save an Indian tribe during a time of disaster, thereby fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

All the stars in the sky : native stories from the heavens —Taylor, C. J. (Carrie J.), 1952-
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A collection of North American Native tales inspired by the night sky.

The forever sky —Peacock, Thomas D., author.
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Two young Ojibwe brothers, Niigaanii and Bineshiinh, look to the stars and spin stories, some inspired by Uncle and some of their own making, as they remember their grandmother.

Streams to the river, river to the sea : a novel of Sacagawea —O'Dell, Scott, 1898-1989.
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A young Indian woman, accompanied by her infant and cruel husband, experiences joy and heartbreak when she joins the Lewis and Clark Expedition seeking a way to the Pacific.

North —Solomon, Chad, 1976-
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This story is about things that are found in the Northern direction.

The mud family —James, Betsy.
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Sosi, a young girl of the Anaszi tribe, ancestors of the present-day Pueblo people, is upset at her mother and father. The family has to move because the land is drying up and her parents are angry and ignore Sosi while ...

Island of the blue dolphins —O'Dell, Scott, 1898-1989.
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Records the courage and self-reliance of an Indian girl who lived alone for eighteen years on an isolated island off the California coast.

Lord of the sky —Zeman-Spaleny, Linda.
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A tale that deals with the issues of environmental protection and living in harmony with nature. Shows a young Indian boy who journeys to the spirit world to find the Lord of the Sky, the only one who can save his villag...

Grandfather what is a totem pole —Samatte, Sandra.
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