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Fun with my 5 senses : activities to build learning readiness —Williamson, Sarah, 1974-

Presents a variety of activities which build learning readiness for exploring and understanding the five senses.

The magic school bus explores the senses —Cole, Joanna.

Ms. Frizzle and her class explore the senses by traveling on the magic school bus in and out of an eye, ear, mouth, nose, and other parts of both human and animal bodies.

Senses are for everything: the five senses —Hengel, Katherine.

Introduces the five senses and discusses how they work together.

I Touch

What feels nice to touch? Is it a fluffy puppy, a tickly feather or how about a prickly hedgehog or a slimy worm? Through bright, colourful and creative imagery, familiar textures and sensations can be discussed in this ...

I Taste

What's food tastes the best? What tastes gross? What does a squirrel like to eat? Young children will find plenty to discuss in this book of creative imagery and ideas.

Dinosaur's five senses —Appleby, Alex, author.

Colorful young dinosaurs introduce their five senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching.-- Source other than Library of Congress.

See, hear, and feel! —Jeong, Min-ji, author.

Find out all about your eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and skin, and the important roles they play in your body. Includes questions and an activity.

My five senses —Aliki.

A simple presentation of the five senses, demonstrating some ways we use them.

It starts with a breath : a book about mindful breathing —Thiessen, Karla Dueck.

Through simple rhythmic poetry and relatable pictures, the author and her Nursery/Kindergaten students demonstrate the benefits and ease of mindful breathing."

Eyes and ears —Simon, Seymour.

Describes the anatomy of the eye and ear, how those organs function and some ways in which they may malfunction, and how the brain is also involved in our seeing and hearing.

Seeing —Frost, Helen, 1949-

Simple text and photographs present the sense of seeing and how it works.

How animals see —Mattern, Joanne, 1963- author.

An animal's eyes provide it with information about its encounters with other animals and its habitat. This book is filled with important and exciting facts about how animals see, such as deer, eagles, dragonflies, cats, ...

Super senses —Levine, Shar, 1953-

Explains the senses and provides simple activities and experiments designed to show how they work.

Senses in the city —Rotner, Shelley.

Simple text and photographs illustrate the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes of the big city.

A world of mindfulness —Alladin, Erin, 1989- author.

"A series of statements describe common sensory experiences, including the warmth of the sun, the sight of rainbow-hued bubbles, the smell of grass, and the taste of warm cookies. Meditative in tone, the statements conne...

Ears are for earrings : the sense of hearing —Hengel, Katherine.

Introduces the sense of hearing, including how the ear works and different things people hear.

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