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Lego City : heroes to the rescue —Ripley, Esther.

Join the firefighters, paramedics, and police officers of LEGO(r) City as they race to save the day! Featuring an exciting range of brand-new 2016 minifigures and sets, this well-loved LEGO theme will capture kids' imagi...

Ducky and Bunny help out! —Clauss, Lauren.

Bo Peep's sticky hand is missing! Can Ducky and Bunny find it?

The friendship bridge —Buller, Laura.

When a stream prevents the princesses from visiting the castle gardens, they band together and find that they can accomplish anything.

Honk honk! Beep beep! —Kirk, Daniel.

When a father and son set out early one morning for a cross-country drive in their jeep, they see all sorts of vehicles and pick up diverse passengers along the way.

Awesome heroes —Peet, Rosie.

Meet the brave heroes of Apocalypseburg. Learn how they fight the giant DUPLO aliens. Discover what happens when they blast off to explore the Systar System.

What the dinosaurs did at school —Tuma, Refe, author, illustrator.
Book + Audio
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"Photographs and simple text reveal the mischief that toy dinosaurs get into during school".

The Berenstain Bears' mad, mad, mad toy craze —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.

Brother and Sister Bear get caught up buying as many of the popular new Beary Bubbies as they can.

Boris and the missing monkey —Vitale, Brooke, author.

"Boris can't wait to spend the day eating, drumming, and playing in Melody Village. But when he notices that Major Monkeypants, his favorite stuffed animal, is missing, he puts on his detective hat, and begins the search...

Stanley's toy box —Bee, William, author, illustrator.

Join Stanley at the park where he and his friends explore and play with all the toys in his toy box. They bounce balls, sail toy boats, and fly kites. What else is in Stanley's toy box?

The Green Ninja —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

When Lord Garmadon uses his mega weapon to turn back the clock and bring an ancient monster back to life, the Ninjago try to stop him, but end up being turned into children instead.

Meet the ugly dolls —Sisler, Celeste.

Introduces the Ugly Dolls, including Moxy, Ox, Ugly Dog, Wage, and Lucky Bat.

I'm fun, too! —Fenske, Jonathan, author, illustrator.

What happens when a classic, ordinary LEGO minifigure meets a crew of extraordinary minifigures, with their elaborate vehicles, colourful clothes, and wild accessories? He thinks he's no fun at all! After feeling down ab...

Lego movie 2 : Emmet gets tough —Rusu, Meredith, author.

Things have gotten different since the events of Taco Tuesday ... Duplo Aliens have destroyed Bricksburg, and now it is called Apocalypseburg. But everything is STILL awesome! There is a new bad guy in town, and Emmet is...

Dragon meets Boy —Slack, Michael H., 1969- author, illustrator.

A toy dragon and his human boy continue to share adventures, even after the boy grows up.

Ready for takeoff! —Sander, Sonia.

Readers discover how airplanes get ready for takeoff.

Epic adventures —March, Julia.

Presents information about classic battles from the history of Ninjago City and the villains that the LEGO Ninjago heroes have defeated, from the slippery Snake Tribes to the ghoulish Ghost Army.

Don't forget Dexter! —Ward, Lindsay, author.

When his best friend, Jack, leaves him behind at the doctor's office, Dexter T. Rexter panics. First he tries to find Jack. Then he sings their special song. Then he sings their special song even louder.

Back in action! —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

When one of the workers rebuilding the Monastery of Spinjitzu accidentally activates an ancient and dangerous artifact, the ninjas must spring into action to save the day.

Shark attack! —March, Julia, author.

Prepare for Battle with Garmadon's shark army! Meet Lord Garmadon. He is the baddest villain in Ninjago City. Learn about his shark army and their wicked weapons and discover Garmadon's evil plans. Can the ninja defeat t...

The animals would not sleep! —Levine, Sara, author.

"It is almost bedtime, but first young Marco must put away his collection of stuffed animal toys. As a budding scientist Marco tries different ways of sorting the animals, but the animals have their own ideas. Marco scra...

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