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The chrysalids


Genetic mutation has devastated the world and a bleak, primitive society has emerged from its ruins ; a society which punishes any deviation from rigid norms. Ten-year-old David is having strange dreams about a mysterious city. But in his ultra-religious village of Waknut, all abnormality is abhorred, and he soon realizes that differences can be very dangerous indeed.

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Genre: Science fiction.


  • 9781590172926 (pbk. : New York Review Books)
  • 9780718100629
  • 9780141181479
  • 9780141038469
  • 1590172922
  • 071810062X
  • 0141181478 (Penguin : pbk.)
  • 0140013083 (Penguin, pbk.)

Description: 238 pages ; 20 cm

Notes: Some copies have introduction by M. John Harrison.

LCCN: 77358208

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