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White Fang


The adventures in the northern wilderness of a dog who is part wolf and how he comes to make peace with man.

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Genre: Adventure fiction.


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Publisher, Date: New York : Dover Publications, 1991.

Description: vii, 152 p.


  • Originally published: New York : Macmillan, 1906.
  • Publisher, pagination and printing dates may vary.

LCCN: 91002936

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Estleman, Loren D. — Loren Estleman and Jack London share a penchant for protagonists of the "two-fisted loner" variety, and both utilize sharp, descriptive prose to portray the gritty reality of their stories. -- Bethany Latham
Payton, Brian, 1966- — Brian Payton and Jack London respect and appreciate the dangers of the Alaskan wilderness and the Arctic. Their adventure writing, whether fiction or nonfiction, is realistic, evocative, and compelling. Their fiction emphasizes character development, while their nonfiction is deeply personal. -- Mike Nilsson
Weir, Andy — Andy Weir and Jack London draw complex characters caught in battles for survival under the most forbidding conditions. For Weir that's often on the surface of Mars; for London it's the frozen Arctic or the always-unpredictable ocean. Both are fast-paced and suspenseful in their compelling celebrations of the human spirit. -- Mike Nilsson
McNicoll, Sylvia, 1954-; Ferrell, Ed. — These authors' works are Compelling, and they share: the genre 'Adventure stories' and the subject 'Wolves'.
Bell, Joanne, 1956- — These authors' works share: the genre 'Adventure stories' and the subject 'Sled dogs'.

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Approval Rating: 80% (4/5)
Average Rating: 3.95


By VL_ on Wed, 19 Jun 2013 14:41:37

"White Fang" was one of the best books I read! The book was filled with sadness, suspense, and was very touching. I recommend children ages 13 and older to read this book. If you do read this fascinating book I hope you will agree with me!!!!!! ENJOY

★★★★★ C. Sadler's pick

By Charlie Sadler on Mon, 01 Sep 2014 19:29:35

White Fang was an impressive book about a wolf/dog who survived a harsh life in the Yukon Territory. As a young pup, he was attacked by an older puppy, while his owner laughed and made fun of him. Later White Fang was sold to a man who forced him to fight other dogs to the death. I feel White Fang showed great courage because he never game up no matter how cruel he was treated. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading adventure stories.

★★★★★ Fantastic Novel

By zhao2 on Tue, 26 Oct 2010 13:01:43

Born in the northern wilderness, White Fang only knows the merciless laws of the wild: kill or be killed. He learns only of the world of fighting and hate. He lived with an indian tribe and with a hateful man named Beauty Smith. When White Fang is rescued by a man and is brought to California, White Fang finally knows about kindness and love.

★★★★★ White Fang

By Kaitie on Mon, 18 Jan 2010 19:47:56

I really loved this novel, its one of my favorites. It is a story about a hybrid that leads a lonely and cruel life to grow a distrust to people, in following his wild nature he is abused and mistreated in the hands of man. But finds love, friendship and trust in the last place he would expect. Its an amazing story that really brings out self awarness and understandings in looking in another perspective.

★★★★☆ Patience

By book guru on Tue, 01 Dec 2009 23:28:06

This book is a little slow (really slow to those who have little or no patience) but it's a little emotional and lovable once you get into it A bit sad if you think about it... You also have to understand the natural process of things and that white fang has a really angry sad unfair "puppy hood" you really have to feel him to like this book and that's a little tough... I'd suggest thinking of the worst, most embarrassing, anger making thing that's ever happened to you and multiply that by 1,000,000. That is how white fang feels, alone and unwanted

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