Book jacket
The hand-over : how bigwigs and bureaucrats transferred Canada's best publisher and the best part of our literary heritage to a foreign multinational


"In her controversial new book, Elaine Dewar, named among "Canada's best muckrakers," reveals how our premiere national publisher, McClelland and Stewart, was eventually sold to Random House, a division of German media giant Bertelsmann, for a dollar. Drawing on interviews done with those who engineered the deal, and on documents never before revealed, Dewar tells the story of how a savvy businessman, an accountant, a University President, and three major law firms "danced through the raindrops" to evade a thirty-year-old public policy created to defend Canadian national sovereignty. Part investigation, part memoir by a journalist whose career was shaped by the Investment Canada Act-the federal rules that protect Canada's 40 billion cultural industry-Dewar explores both how the Act was enacted and how it was taken down, piece by piece, deal by deal."-- Provided by publisher.