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Voices in the hall : echoes of students past and present


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ISBN: 9780071066921

Publisher, Date: Toronto : McGraw-Hill Ryerson, c2012.

Description: 154 p. : col. ill.


  • Scary Movie Survival Guide / Mariko Tamaki
  • Social Statement / Jessie Huggard, Megan Potts, Brooke Carey, and Courtney Morey
  • Nowhere at Home / Claudia Davila
  • Portraits / Karmen Fofana, David Clifton, and Gabby Krizan
  • This Picture Represents Me / Kenneth Sutherland
  • Old Friends / Jillian Tamaki
  • John Joseph, the Boy Whose Last Name Is a First Name / Joe Ollmann
  • Make 'Em Laugh / David Silverberg
  • Out of the Ashes / Maureen McGowan
  • On Thin Ice Short / Shawn Elgby
  • Holding Harley / Jocelyn Shipley
  • I Am From... Zack Praill, Isobel Scott, George Ladouceur, Brogan Ho, and Richard Chang
  • UFC: Robinson versus Walker / Laura Robinson and Ian Walker
  • Top Ten Recording Artists Every High School Band Should Know About / Marc LaFrance
  • Walking to His Own Beat: An Interview with Joseph Lubinsky-Mast / Karli Desrochers
  • By the Numbers: Car Facts / Jeremy Cato
  • Profiles of Athletes and People in Sports / Maddie Porter
  • Cool Schools / Wilbur McLean
  • The Dream Snatcher / trey anthony
  • Why I Can't Have Normal Friends / Cade Bengert
  • The Night Shift / Dianah Smith
  • Perspective Taren Orchard
  • Letters to High School Selves / Jeff Francis and Lorne Cardinal

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