Assistive Services

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Assistive materials are provided by the library in the following formats:

  • Large Print Books
  • DAISY Books:

DAISY Books are digital talking books used by people with print disabilities. They’re played on a special player or MP3 enabled CD players (such as many computers).

  • Refreshable Braille Display:

A refreshable braille display or braille terminal is an electro-mechanical device for displaying braille characters, usually by means of round-tipped pins raised through holes in a flat surface.

  • Descriptive Videos:

Descriptive Videos/DVDs (DVS) are movies which describe the visual elements for people who are blind or have low vision



The National Network For Equitable Library Services (NNLES)

The National Network for Equitable Library Services (NNELS) provides access to a growing collection of downloadable audio books and other accessible formats restricted to the print disabled, made available through the SILS catalogue in Saskatchewan.

If you or someone you know requires access to materials restricted to the print disabled, please contact your local librarian or click here for more information.

NNELS materials have been produced for the print disabled community. A print disabled patron is defined in the Canadian Copyright Act as a person with an impairment that prevents or inhibits them from reading a literary, musical, dramatic or artistic work in its original format and includes a disability resulting from:

- Severe or total impairment of sight or hearing or the inability to focus or move one's eyes

- The inability to hold or manipulate a book

- An impairment relating to comprehension

A person meeting one of these criteria can fill out a self-declaration form at their local library. The print disabled status will be added to his/her card and the corresponding barcode and PIN can then be used to access NNELS material. 

NNELS forms can be accessed at the links below:

NNELS Self-Declaration Form

NNELS Competent-Authority Form


Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)

CELA provides Canadians with print disabilities, and the libraries that support them, access to materials in a broad range of reading materials in the accessible format of their choice.

- A growing collection of books, magazines, newspapers and described videos for every age and interest

Format choice: audio, braille, described movies, accessible e-books

Delivery options: Download to computer, handheld devices and DAISY player; CD and braille delivered by mail

- Access to Bookshare, the world’s largest accessible online digital library

- Bilingual collection and service

Contact your public library to register for CELA services.